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  1. Locate the four holes around the handle of the Grabo. You can connect the strap to any 2 or 4 of these holes using the provided hooks or any carabiner hook rated to a minimum of 400 lbs.

  2. Secure each of the clips at the ends of the strap into a hole.

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  1. Connect the mains plug of the battery charger to an electrical outlet.

  2. Connect the charger to the battery.

  3. The battery begins charging as soon as it is connected to the charger, and stops charging as soon as it is full. A red light on the charger indicates that the battery is being charged. Once the battery is fully charged, the charger LED will change to green.

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  1. Grabo’s double foam seal is a patented soft sealing system, designed for sealing rough uneven surfaces as well as provide high friction and strong adhesion to many different materials. The seals are consumable rated to last 3,000 cycles under normal use, and can easily be replaced if they wear out. Check your seals regularly and replace them if any damage is visible.

  2. Remove the rubber foam seal that has become worn or damaged by pulling it out of it’s niche. Use a flat screwdriver or knife to carefully pull the seal out from it’s plastic base. Pulling on the black foam directly will likely cause it to tear.

  3. Gently press the new rubber foam seal into position, ensuring that it fits snuggly and securely.